On the Hook with Monty Hooke Podcast
interview with Ronsley Vaz – ‘On the Hook with Monty Hooke’
August 1, 2017

Our guest on the Bond Appetit podcast today is a long-time hustler with killer entrepreneurial skills that date back to the age of eight years old, when he was running his own boat-cleaning business. His name is Monty Hooke, and these days he’s running a highly successful virtual assistant outsourcing company with clients across the globe.

Monty is an absolute captain of industry. Having grown up on a boat, he learned the importance of not comparing your own progress to that of others, and has applied that lesson to his epic rise through business. He gives some inspiring advice here today for all you solopreneurs and micro-business owners, so if you’ve been wondering about things like how to find and hire the best team, when to take advantage of gaps in the market, or how to run a business from the beaches of Bali, give this episode a listen.

Monty and I also get into:

  • How he overcame the global financial crisis in 2008
  • The beginning of his entrepreneurial journey
  • The benefits of trial and error
  • Why personality is so important when you’re looking for a team
  • How the dynamics of a business change as you take on more people, and how to make this work to your advantage
  • The challenges that you’ll come up against as your business grows
  • Why you should have a business partner who isn’t afraid to call you out on your shit
  • How to be accountable for the things you do and say
  • The one thing Monty frequently sees as being the reason why some businesses fail to grow

Listen to the podcast:

219. On the Hook with Monty Hooke

by Ronsley Vaz