Work With Monty

My Mission

To create and expand businesses that activate this movement of conscious leadership, to move humanity forward into this emergent future of restoration.

My Vision

The restoration of nature. The restoration of ancient and timeless wisdom. And the restoration of an abundant and connected humanity.

Who I Work With

I work with a very small select group of entrepreneurs and CEO’s who have a deep calling to integrate a lifestyle of high performance with their highest purpose to scale their entrepreneurial ambitions, to create a legacy of positive impact.

What I Do

I see the unseen for entrepreneurs who have already had a certain level of success. My gift lies in not just understanding your vision, but I can see alignments and threads to your purpose and your innate abilities that you likely have not yet seen yourself. That coupled with 35 years of real life experience building businesses gives me the ability to map out a clear pathway and advise on the exact strategies required to scale your business and live an exponential life.

What I don’t do

I’m not a business coach. I’m not interested in the fluffy mindset techniques to motivate you or help you “find you your thing”. I’ve been in the trenches building businesses for a long time, and I will likely be doing it forever. So I actually know the steps required, on both the personal leadership side, as well as the growth strategy side to building businesses.

Ways to work with me

First and foremost, I’m an entrepreneur, I build businesses, so thats where most of my time goes. I only ever work with a handful of CEOs at any one time, either as short intensive workshops, One on One Mentoring or in a consulting capacity. More information below:

CEO X Intensive

I’ve been there and done when it comes to building businesses. And I’m still doing it, But because I’m busy doing what I love, it means I have limited time to facilitate training with others. So I’ve found the most powerful and impactful way to help CEOs get fast and sustainable (guaranteed) results in scaling their business and getting their time back, is to do 1 & 2 day intensive, face to face workshops . . . .

One on One Mentoring

Usually following on from intensive workshops, I work with a very small group of CEO’s and Founders, either in an ongoing paid mentoring role or as an advisor/mentor as an equity shareholder. We will continue the same objectives from the workshops with extra ongoing additional focus on strategies and disciplines for high performance . . . .

The Exponential

Is the parent company under which myself and my team support businesses to scale through venture partnerships, capital raising, advisory, growth consulting & resources to scale including Philippines offshore staff & digital services.

Check the website today & contact us for an obligation free consultation.

In these workshops we cover the following:


Vision & Mission


Business performance audit (unlocking instant extra profits)


Strategy & planning for next 3 years


Strategy for scaling team to reach targets


Financial modelling for growth objectives


High performance culture


Company & investment assets planning


New market & business expansion opportunities


Personal leadership & high performance


Planning for scaling CEO out of business

I do a very limited number of these workshops, usually held in Bali over 1 to 2 days, depending on what we want to achieve and your budget. Workshops can be as individual or with C-Suite leadership team.

I guarantee that you will leave the workshop with a clear pathway on how to make 10x the cost back inside the next year, as well as half the amount of hours you work. If I can not, the workshop is free (but I won’t take you on unless I know 100% for sure we can get the results).

Cost is $5000 USD for one day and $8000 USD for two days. Strictly by application only.

This is not coaching and is not for the faint at heart. This is for Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs who already have had a certain level of success in business, and are ready to dig deeper in their highest calling and step into the highest performing version of themselves.

The result of this program will be:


Aligning to a bigger vision you don;t even know yet exists (or maybe you feel it already).


Exponential growth of your business, possibly new business streams and companies,


Solidifying your assets and building global entities,


Building your organisation so it not only runs without you but grows without you.


Becoming the biggest version of yourself possible.


Leaving a legacy of positive impact.


Personal health, fitness, better relationships & fulfillment.

Strictly by application only. Price advised at time of workshop. Minimum 12 months. Can be paid monthly.
Ever wondered how entrepreneurs like ‘Richard Branson’ build hugely successful businesses, yet they spend most of their time doing what they love, staying fit & healthy, having fun, making an impact & always have so much energy?

Get FREE access now to this e-book where I outline the EXACT ten steps you need to know to exponentially scale your business, your spiritual abundance and financial freedom.

I will show you how to increase your productivity by 400% in the next year.
I will show you how to scale a high performance business that not only runs without you, but grows without you
I will work with you on the habits, rituals, mindset and practices it takes to achieve all of this.
Imagine what you could do with your life with that level of time & financial freedom!

The Exponential Entrepreneur

The Ten Keys To Business Freedom
(Scale Your Business By Working Less)

Free E-Book


For SME’s needing support in growth strategy,
scaling teams, offshoring, international company
& tax structures & board advisory.

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Talent, Offices & Strategy To Scale.
Providing the right strategy & offshore resources to help you scale quickly & seamlessly.

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Software, Website & Application Development.
Cost effective, high level development for technology products & innovation of your business systems.

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