‘The art of Adventure’ Podcast
interview by Derek Loudermilk – “Increase Your Leverage With A Virtual Team”
October 30, 2015
Monty Hooke is the founder of EZYVA, the Bali Entrepreneurs Resort, and the author of Business Hacker.After observing the likes of Richard Branson and marveling at how one man could run 300 companies, he embarked on a quest to find his line of leverage. In this episode you will hear the story of how Monty went from Solopreneur to 300 employees and from zero to 7 figure business in a year and a half.In this interview Monty teaches us how to find and hire the right Virtual Assistants (VA’s), how to communicate clearly, manage expectations, delegate tasks, unpack the activities of your business, and start spending more time on your high value activities.

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