Video Interview – Barrels and Business Podcast
Monty Hooke on Buying Back Time & Outsourcing Like a Boss
May 10, 2020
In this episode, I sat down with Monty Hooke, another great friend of mine who owns three businesses and sits on three boards. Monty is a long-time hustler with killer entrepreneurial skills that date back to the age of eight years old when he was running his own boat-cleaning business. He also happens to own a highly successful virtual assistant outsourcing company with clients across the globe that I actually used to source my own virtual assistant.

Monty is an absolute captain of industry and his true gift lies in his amazing ability to see the unseen for entrepreneurs. He not only helps them connect the dots from where they are now to their vision but also sees the gifts and abilities in entrepreneurs that they may not be able to see themselves. That always puts him in a unique position to be able to activate potential, a higher purpose, and a deeper connection to spirit. That, coupled with a lifetime of experience actually building business, growing teams, and developing strategies for growth, gives him a very unique depth of vision in his capacity to mentor others.

Having grown up on a boat, he learned the importance of not comparing his own progress to that of others and has applied that lesson to his epic rise through business. He’s going to give some inspiring advice here today for all you business owners, so if you’ve been wondering about things like how to find and hire the best team, when to take advantage of gaps in the market, or how to run a business from the beaches of Bali, give this episode a listen.

Watch the full interview below: