Video Interview – We R Future
How to Prepare your Business for Exponential Growth with Monty Hooke
July 30, 2019

Get up close and personal with … Monty Hooke

Monty Hooke is a Pioneer & CEO of ‘The Exponential’. A serial entrepreneur and have building businesses since the age of eight. He now uses his experience as a trusted advisor and mentor to nudge founders, leaders and changemakers, who are working towards the betterment of the planet in the right direction.

”I believe that we are all here with an important purpose and mission in life. We are all here to make an impact. Connecting the dots for entrepreneurs to show them the truth is easy for me, I look beyond the surface with an awareness and depth that empowers people, especially those in business, to do their most meaningful work. I know first-hand that you can change your outcome by having the structure, discipline and courage to your biggest most powerful work. When entrepreneurs are empowered to take these steps and begin the think Exponentially, their businesses scale, their paradigms change and a new level of freedom emerges that increases the impact they have in business and in life.

I now split my time between enabling entrepreneurs to scale through The Exponential, educating entrepreneurs as a speaker and mentor, and as a trusted advisor and business partner to several companies globally.”

Watch the full interview below: