Episode 10 – “The I-Ching For The Modern Entrepreneur” with guest Rhyn Nasser
In this episode, I interview Rhyn Nasser, an Australian based expert on chi gong, breathing, martial arts & ancient Chinese philosophy. This was a fun episode, Rhyn shared his story on having lived and studied with monks in China where he learned some very deep wisdom and philosophy on Daoism and Kung Fu, and how these philosophies can be used to teach entrepreneurs to elevate their Chi to tap into their inner monk and connect their business and mission to a much greater purpose.

We went deep down some Rabbit Holes on how to bridge ancient Chinese wisdom to modern times, and why connecting to sources of ancient wisdom is the future for humanity to thrive. Rhyn also shared some very practical insights into how we can raise our own consciousness by elevating our “Chi” through simple breathing and stillness exercises.

This was a super interesting interview, some very deep profound wisdom that is especially relevant for these tumultuous times we are living in.

November 4, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[03:57] True Happiness Is Not Outside Of Ourselves
[10:42] Using Your Breath To Reconnect
[16:18] The Third Ring of Heartbreak
[22:25] The Sacred Balance in Humanity
[26:56] Nature Supports Who We Become
[30:37] The Journey Of Letting Go
[35:48] Following Your Soul
[44:04] What Your Soul Wants To Express
[48:20] The More You Surrender, The More You Get
[52:44] The Integration of a Healthy Power

About Rhyn Nasser

Rhyn Nasser, also known as the Millionaire Monk, is an Australian-based expert on Chi Gong, Breathing, Martial Arts, and Ancient Chinese Philosophy. He has performed kungfu on national TV stations for Chinese NY & nightly news, certified to teach BajiZhanDao & was named student of the year in a school of foreign kungfu students.

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