Episode 11 – “Entrepreneurship. Ego & Abundance” with guest Amir Zoghi
In this episode, I talk with Mindset Coach, Speaker & Aerobatic Pilot, Mr Amir Zoghi. This was a special one folks. We went deep down the Rabbit Hole on all things to do with ego, purpose, love, wealth and entrepreneurship.

Amir shared his story of how he as a high school dropout built a multi-million dollar business which he sold out of at only 27 years old, to follow his intuition, being called to be a speaker helping people align to love and their higher purpose. Some real gold nuggets of wisdom in his story.

We had some real good fun talking about the ego, and how dissolving it ego becomes the foundations for all fulfilment. Amir also shared some very cool insights for how entrepreneurs can tap into their highest purpose and calling, and in giving up the ego’s attachent to making money, is how we create real financial abundance.

Tune in for this one, you’re going to love it!

November 13, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[5:58] How To Experience Effortlessness
[10:22] When Surfing Becomes Your Work
[14:13] Express Fullness Into Your World
[17:45] Tuning Out Of Need & Lack
[28:34] How To Be Truly Rich
[34:53] The Power In Permission
[38:14] Find The Light Within Yourself
[46:00] To Transcend The Need For Achievement

About Amir Zoghi

Amir Zoghi is a Mindset Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Aerobatic Pilot.

Amir is well known for helping others soar in their personal and professional lives with his practical and relatable teachings.

His strategies for success in life and business start with understanding the limitless capacity of the mind and harnessing a deep understanding of how to manifest your outcome and results effortlessly.

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