Episode 22 – “The Optimized Human” with guest Aurimas Juodka
In this episode, I talk with Aurimas Juodka (AJ) , a Health, Human Optimization & High Performance specialist. This one was super fun. AJ is beast, not just because he’s 6’7”, but because he has integrated so many facets of his life powerfully, he really is the living example of what he preaches.

We went deep down some rabbit holes on health and we uncovered some of the myths around what does and does not create the optimized human. We spoke about fasting, exercise, nutrition, spiritual practice and how all of this can be weaved together as a tapestry for having a really powerful life.

So many gold nuggets for all of us in this episode guys. You do not want to miss this one.

January 26, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[02:06] What is Human Optimization?
[06:14] Foundation & Mastery Of The Body
[11:04] High Quality of Life
[18:46] Mindfulness in Exercise
[25:48] The Power of Fasting
[33:33] Are Plants Enough For Us?
[36:18] Choosing Foods For Performance
[38:00] How To Live Forever
[41:09] The Science of Sleep
[47:03] Sacredness In The Bedroom
[52:04] Every Year is The Best Year.
[53:09] Be Responsive, Not Reactive
[54:11] When Mother Nature Forces You To Sit
[57:07] Leadership Of Optimized Humans

About AJ

Aurimas Juodka (AJ) is a Health, Human Performance, and Optimization Expert. He is an educator, speaker, and coach (certified strength and conditioning specialist, high-performance coach, certified nutrition coach, NLP Master Practitioner, former athlete). He’d helped hundreds of his clients excel in life physically and mentally.

Rising from the ashes of serious health struggles; borderline insomniac, mental fog, low energy, destroyed gut microbiome, digestion problems, feeble immune system, He decided to stop listening to modern-day traditional doctors and crack the health code himself. After going down a rabbit hole of self-experimentation, he transformed himself on every level and his lessons have been featured in GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Disrupt, Yahoo Lifestyle, and other media outlets.

Through his programs, retreats, and speaking engagements he continues to help a wide range of clients around the world experience unbelievable breakthroughs, shifts, and transformations in their health, vitality, and optimized performance.

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