Episode 25 – “Entrepreneurship In The Fifth Dimension” with guest Livia Devi
In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Livia Devi. This one went super deep down the rabbit hole as Livia is a mentor, helping entrepreneurs to ascend to living in the fifth dimension. What does that mean, well tune in to find out.

But if you have ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are able to do so much, have many businesses, and seem to achieve an impossible amount of success, all whilst living healthy lives and having thriving relationships, well maybe they are able to access levels of potential that most humans never experience.

If you are anything like me and want to live the best life possible, then You definitely do not want to miss this one.

February 16, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[02:39] Messages from higher Consciousness
[09:29] Surrender To Change
[12:12] Deconstruction to Authentic Self
[17:52] Reflecting An Identity
[26:20] Multiple Scenarios in Humanity
[29:41] How To Escape The Matrix
[31:35] Multi-Dimensional Existence
[41:45] Tuning Into Higher Dimensions
[47:06] Manipulated Reality of Time
[49:20] Evolution of Consciousness
[52:49] Living In Different Realities

About Livia Devi

Livia Devi is a 5D Visionary, Mentor & Trance-Channel for an advanced civilization from the 7th dimension called the Arcturian Council of Light. Her mission, with the Arcturian Council, is to activate 5D Leaders, Visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs in their Soul Missions.

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