Episode 27 – “Creating A Life Of Flow & Meaning with 2 x World Champion Surfer Tom Carroll” with guest Tom Carroll
In this very special episode, I talk to two times World Champion Surfer and my childhood hero, Mr. Tom Carroll. Well this one was powerful, Tom shared very graciously about his addiction to drugs both during and after his professional surfing career, but he overcame that finding meditation and how he’s now dedicating his life purpose to sharing and teaching this wisdom.

We went deep down the rabbit hole on ego, flow state, overcoming fear, and what it takes to be a world champion. As well as being a dream of mine to interview Tom, this one was actually super fun and insightful. Stay tuned.

March 1, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[5:58] Surfing in The 80’s
[12:09] Habits of Surfers
[15:59] The Journey Of A Winner
[24:42] Grief Inside A Champion
[33:20] Addicted to “Ego” Drug
[37:10] Tipping Point For An Addict
[42:22] Meditation Heals Addiction
[46:30] Gap Between Thoughts and Actions
[50:50] Ripple Effects Of Meditation
[58:23] Conscious Awareness
[01:04:01] Champion In Business

About Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll is 2 x World Champion Surfer, big wave charger, fitness fanatic, businessman, author, family man and Australian sporting icon.

Tom now spends much of his time dedicated to how own self practice and teaching others meditation & mindfulness.

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