Episode 34 – “Acceptance Is The Master Key To Life” with Shae
Today I interviewed Shae Eloise, a communication expert and sensuality coach. We went deep down the rabbit hole on living a life of joy and meaning, how to be a powerful communicator, and why self acceptance is the most powerful tool for personal transformation.

This one was fun, full of wisdom and with some very practical takeaways . You’re going to love this one so do not touch those buttons.

April 21, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[09:20] The Bridge of Masculine and Feminine
[11:24] Frequencies Of Freedom
[13:22] Unhealthy Expression of Energy
[16:01] The Inner Work
[18:47] How To Amplify Your Voice
[20:46] The Shadows in Ubud
[27:15] Finding Your Authenticity
[36:19] The Keys To Being A Great Communicator
[38:54] Controlling Triggers
[46:40] Mindfulness Meditation
[49:20] Showing Up In Your Truth

About Shae

Shae Eloise has been in Bali for 6-years and is originally from a small country town in Australia. She has worked professionally as a freelance writer, yoga and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, women’s retreat facilitator, public speaker, coach, dancer, model, voice actor, and more!

Shae is the founder of My Freedom Frequency – which is transformational work based on leading experiences & programs for people to access & express their most fully expressed selves. Her work, with its roots in Buddhist & Taoist philosophy & psychology, is centered on helping people clear blockages, insecurity, shame, fear, & ‘playing small.’

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