Episode 43 – “Pain & Fear Are Our Greatest Teachers. Lessons From A Recovered Addict” with Blu Dagan

Today, I went deep down the rabbit hole with Blu Dagan, An alcohol and drug addiction recovery coach.
With a lot of dark and deep tales of his own addictions, Blu now supports people one on one, as he says, going to hell with his clients in a last attempt to save their lives from addiction.

Some heavy stories, but a fascinating interview with some very unexpected lessons, shining a light on some of the deeper and darker aspects of human psychology that can help us all.

Guys, You’ll be very surprised at the punchline and theme to this episode. Powerful stuff so make sure you tune into the full episode.

July 14, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[00:57] How An Ex-Addict Became A Recovery Coach
[07.43] Fighting The Monster Inside Yourself
[12:41] Abandonment Is The Root Cause
[16:05] The Business Of Incurable Disease
[18:23] The Suppression of Freedom
[22:14] Reconnecting With A Higher Power
[30:45] Disconnecting From Phone Addiction
[35:58] Recovery with Pain and Fear
[40:49] Understanding The Mind Of An Addict
[43:26] The Journey To Recovery

About Blu Dagan

Blu has extensive years’ experience working in recovery institutions, specialising in addiction. Primarily drug addiction and alcoholism, Blu also works with clients who have probems with food, money, sex or gambling. The recovery program is not limited to just drugs and alcohol addiction, Blu has a solution for any client who suffers from any form of addiction. Blu himself applies the tools of recovery every day, living through the integration of a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional platform. Through the success of his own recovery, he offers a solution that works. His passion for life and recovery has been built through 27 years of personal and professional experience. After 10 years living in Bali and overcoming his own battle with addiction. Blu has dedicated his life to helping others find their way back to the the light

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