Episode 44 – “Potent Leadership” with Ruby Fremon
Today I am joined by Ruby Fremon, a speaker, author and mentor for thought leaders.

We spoke about truth, sovereignty and how every single one of us can pull out our most potent truth & purpose so that we can change the world.

We went deep down the rabbit hole on the current state of the world, the usual conspiracy theories, quote-unquote, and how now is the time in history where we need to make a stand for humanity.

A very deep conversation, some powerful wisdom we all need to hear, so stay tuned…..

July 28, 2021

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[03:11] Claim Your Sovereignty
[09:44] Detached from Internal Wisdom
[15:30] Understanding Your Values
[17:21] Image vs Truth
[18:55] Critical Elements of Leadership
[23:29] Pulling Out Your Potency
[25:13] ‘Potent Leadership’ Journey
[26:55] Looking Within
[30:49] People-pleasing as Security Mechanism
[38:55] The Call To Plant Medicine
[42:40] The Disconnection of Human Nature
[53:26] Reclaim Your Potency

About Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, leadership mentor, speaker, and author who has helped thousands gain the confidence to quit performing, crystalize their messaging, and lead their movements with integrity.

An expert on personal growth and inner-work, Ruby is the host of top-rated podcast “Potent Truth” (formerly known as “Today’s Thought Leader”) and has appeared in over 100 publications and podcasts. She works with her clients one on one, or in group settings at her live retreats and in her Collective.

Known for her big heart, no-bullshit approach and shamanic gifts, Ruby’s work bridges the gap between practicality and spirituality, offering leaders an opportunity to create true inner-expansion. Her favorite topics to speak on include potent leadership and conscious entrepreneurship, which have landed her on stages around the world.

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