Episode 5 – “The Unknown Truths About Nutrition” with guest Dominic Rapson
In this week’s episode, I talk to Dominic Rapson who is a holistic nutritionist and coach to superstar athletes who shares his journey on what your body needs for entire holistic development. Dominic’s speciality is performance but his experience with disease and how to treat disease simply with the food you eat and a healthy lifestyle is more important than any pharmaceutical treatment.

Dominic is the founder of Origins of Vitality which is about Calisthenics training and the importance of nutrition. He has experienced practicing many kinds of discipline including yoga and weight training, and explains why Calisthenics is more important to a well-rounded development and how his teachings on carnivorous diet allows the body of the athletes he works with to heal itself and keeps them in top performing condition.

We discuss how you should look at disease and how to treat your body properly so you can keep yourself healthy, happy, and have a well-rounded development. This is very eye-opening, guys. Listen and be inspired.

October 2, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[14:38] – Where most diseases and chronic inflammation come from
[17:28] – Proper Gut Care
[24:34] – The Organ Of Longevity
[27:58] – The Need For A Complete Well-rounded Practice
[30:33] – How To Be Resilient to Injuries
[31:49] – The Food Philosophy To Follow
[42:10] – The Herd Reaction And Why Your Immune System Fails You
[56:21] – Three Things You Should Be Studying And Learning In School
[58:02] – Don’t Be Afraid To Be Wrong
[1:03:53] – What Should Make You Feel The Best

About Dominic Rapson

Dominic is the founder of Origins of Vitality. He works with top performing athletes using Calisthenics training and ancestral nutrition. Dominic has spent many years living with tribes in various parts of the world, studying the health of these tribespeople and bringing the nutritional wisdom from these ancient traditions to mainstream health & wellness practices and to top performing athletes.

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