Episode 6 – “The Collective Genius Code” with guest Gil Petersil
In this episode, I talk to Gil Petersil who is a global expert on business strategy, effective networking, and successful partnership formulas. His entire life is about serving people and helping them to achieve any goal, building relationships on the basis of mutual value. Gil explains how he navigates his art of building community effectively online, through the global pandemic. He describes networking as both an art and a science where there are structure and creativity at the same time.

We discuss how connection and community help all of us, especially during these difficult times. We also discuss how he, like any of us, can get energy from the people around us which allows us to channel and reflect the energy from within.

This is an epic episode guys. Listen and be inspired!

October 2, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[02:45] – The Aura of Compassion
[04:08] – Networking as a set of habits
[09:15] – How Networking Helps Both The Rich and Poor
[10:22] – What Drives You?
[11:27] – The Disability To Connect With People
[15:12] – The Innovative Mindset
[23:07] – A Society Of Values
[26:13] – The Tipping Point
[30:21] – The Global Mindset
[47:20] – The algorithm of Structure

About Gil Petersil

Gil Petersil teaches strategic networking as a business subject. His vast business and cultural experience gained while living in Israel, Canada, USA, England, Russia, and Singapore has proven that networking is much more than a social skill. He also acts as a strategic coach and mentor to CEOs, senior partners of global organization leaders around the world.

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