Episode 7 – “The Health Of The World Depends On Our Personal Health” with guest Chef Cynthia Louise
In this episode I talk to the amazing Chef Cynthia Louise. A bali based entrepreneur, restaurateur and online Healthy cooking personality.

Chef Cynthia is well known as one of the best when it comes to educating & empowering people to create healthy, happy lives through food.

We went deep on a few rabbit holes around health, vitality and purpose. Cynthia also shares some amazing insights about how creative genius types can become thriving purpose driven entrepreneurs.

What I found super inspiring about this conversation is just how passionate Cynthia is about her craft and how shes built a successful business around her deep love, and she’s helping thousands of people at the same time.

You are going to love this episode!

October 9, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[04:05] Love and Connection Through Food
[08:35] Food That Gives You Awareness
[14:25] The Right Kind Of Fuel For Your Body
[17:58] The Ecosystem of Food Preparation
[20:45] Nature Gets It Every Time
[25:20] Living With Extreme Transformation
[36:16] You are what you think more than you are what you eat
[38:21] How Health And Wealth Are Interconnected
[48:33] The Ache Of An Entrepreneur
[53:07] Disconnect From The Hustle

About Chef Cynthia Louise

Chef Cynthia Louise is a passionate life-time chef who has spent decades inspiring, educating and guiding thousands of people globally, transforming the way people think of themselves through proper nourishment.

A Restaurateur, an Entrepreneur & Culinary Creative, Chef Cynthia has been featured in countless media outlets like Food Revolution Network, iStyle, GaiaTV, Well Being, among many more.

Cynthia’s fascination with how food is medicine has enabled her to create a successful online recipe base and program which has led her to be one of the worlds leaders in the field of plant-based cooking.

Find Chef Cynthia Louise: