Episode 8 – “Ancient Wisdom For The Modern World” with guest Whitewolf
In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Musician ‘Whitewolf’. Wow we really did go down some Rabbit Holes on this one.

Whitewolf shared his story of how at 22 years old he was offered a contract with one of the worlds biggest production companies and turned it down because he was shown how mainstream music is used to manipulate people.

Whitewolf, or Ryan as he’s known to his friends, shared some amazing wisdom that he learned from spending 5 years living with and learning music from elder tribespeople in Brazil and Mexico. We went deep down some Rabbit Holes on using different frequencies to raise the consciousness of the planet.

We also spoke about how entrepreneurs of this generation now have a responsibility to protect the earth.

Really interesting stuff. Do not miss this episode!

October 16, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[10:48] The Journey Into Deep Healing
[15:38] Important Lessons From Nature
[17:56] Our Deep Connection To Nature
[21:23] The Ancestral Calling From Within
[25:07] What Real Spirituality Is
[29:56] Finding Your Real Purpose
[34:56] Listening To The Call Of The Universe
[40:26] The Complete Loss Of Power
[64:36] Humanity Comes From Society
[1:02:33] The Entrepreneur’s Responsibility To Nature

About Whitewolf

Whitewolf is a musician who gave up a record deal at the age of 22 to spend five years living and learning music and ancient healing practices from elder tribespeople in Brazil & Mexico. Considering himself as being born to sing for Mother Earth, he now uses his gift of music to connect humanity back to nature and ancient wisdom that we should all be applying to our lives to live a more fulfilled and heart centred existence.

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