Episode 9 – “Movement, Happiness & Spiritual Connection” with guest Leah Simmons
In this episode, I talk with Leah Simmons, a Bali based leader in health and fitness. Leah has dedicated her life to studying multiple modalities of movement, exercise, breathing, yoga & meditation, and is now teaching all of these practices into a philosophy she calls The Elevate Method.

We went deep down the rabbit hole on body issues in women and men, including a fascinating conversation about how physique-driven fitness, in men and women, actually stems from a compensation of lack of self-worth.

We spoke about the ego, health and how exercise & breathing can be used as a gateway for access to your higher self. This was a beautiful conversation. Leah really opened up and shared her personal story of being a mother and what she went through to get really connected to her ideal life.

October 22, 2020

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

[04:53] What True Health Is All About
[06:39] Mastering The Elevate Method
[14:57] Bringing Intention To Your Practice
[18:48] Elevating Our Lives Through Breathwork
[22:39] Turning Pain Into Something Beautiful
[29:36] Being Healthy In An Unhealthy Place
[35:24] Core Strength For Life
[41:38] The Relationship Between Exercise & Mind
[46:20] Bridging The Gap To Spirituality

About Leah Simmons

Leah Simmons is a qualified pilates instructor, personal trainer, and kundalini yoga teacher with an insatiable passion for all things health and fitness. She is the founder of The Elevated Method which covers 4 different areas of health that determines if a person is truly “fit” – mental capacity, physical fitness, emotional ability, and spiritual connection. Born from Leah’s desire to go beyond just the physical self, she has redefined what it means to be “fit.”

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